newscaster/dragon/maggots, 2013

The surreal film, ‘newscaster / dragon / maggots’ is a transmission of what lurks in between the channels. Premiering in Vienna at the MuseumsQuartier, this is a rotoscoped piece of animation created from three randomly selected pieces of found footage. The foundation of this piece is based in mathematics, chance and montage editing measured in increments of triangular numbers. After the Formalist groundwork was laid, elements of Surrealism were employed to take the film beyond the initial framework of the metric and rhythmic editing process. The pixels were playfully manipulated and melded together into an entirely new form, backed by a noise composition set into place without regard for pacing, only duration.

Interviews & Reviews:
Andrew Wyatt - “It’s a bit uncanny how effectively these otherwise random clips work together to create the film’s unsettling atmosphere
Diane Carson  - “Manipulated images morph into and out of each other through mind-bending transitions with dramatic sound.”
Benjamin Hall - “Like being an alien on acid watching TV”


Deep Space Transmissions, 2010 & 2005

The first loop of Deep Space Transmissions premiered in Los Angeles in 2005. In 2010, two new loops (including the original) screened in Vienna. As an animator and abstract painter I am fascinated with the recording and rapid transmission of gestures. I achieve this by assembling each individual frame of motion media as if it were a paint stroke contributing to a greater whole, as if painting with light. Concerning Deep Space Transmissions in particular, I am interested in the language and the pure conveyance of the imagery itself, highlighting the general process of understanding between the viewer and the artist. One event had a significant amount of inspiration for these animations. The most powerful broadcast ever deliberately beamed into space was from Puerto Rico in 1974. The transmission consisted of a simple, pictorial message, aimed at the star cluster M13. Scientists felt that aliens would obviously be able to decrypt and understand the message because of the believed sophistication of those receiving the imagery. This one-time event along with my fascination of showing art in alternative ways is allegorical of the full artistic process from creation to consumption of the work.

Deep Space Transmission #3, 2010 (segment of a continuous loop)
Stern Studiox Gallery / Vienna, Austria

Deep Space Transmission #2, 2010 (segment of a continuous loop)
Stern Studiox Gallery / Vienna, Austria

Deep Space Transmission #1, 2005 (segment of a continuous loop) 
The Acorn Gallery / Los Angeles, USA & Stern Studiox Gallery / Vienna, Austria